MARCH 15, 2017
21st Wire


As foreign secretaries go, this man may go down in history as perhaps the worse ever. 

Earlier this week, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson accused Russia of attempting to assassinate the leader of Montenegro, while simultaneously continuing to push out the old canard that Russia is somehow ‘hacking’ into political system in the UK.

A lack of evidence does not seem to bother Johnson however, as he continues to push the official conspiracy theory line of all things nefarious and Russian. Predictably, the BBC was also promoting the ‘Russian plot’ theory this week.

Last week, we also learned of a newly discovered secret £1 billion UK slush fund being used to finance various ‘initiatives’ in Syria and elsewhere, including more money to fund the US and UK’s pseudo NGO-cum-PR operation and Oscar-winning pro-war propaganda machine known as the ‘White Helmets.’

Former British intelligence officer and UK Column political analyst Alex Thomson speaks to RT International about Johnson’s follies, and also about the UK’s own very real overseas programs, including ‘soft power’ initiatives like BBC Media Action, and Common Purpose in Libya, used to undermine governments, destabilize democracies and control outcomes in nation states. Watch: