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This astrological musing is a reflection of the planetary interactions on the 8/9th November 2016. As tonight is being focused upon with such scale I feel to interpret the planets with the understanding that all is potential, all is individual and global, all is moving towards a greater understanding of each other and the world around us.
I am going to focus on Chiron, the wounded healer. To read about Chiron:




We find Chiron situated in Pisces, here our wounds are reflected within the collective psyche, in the transpersonal world of the unconcious, the realm of Hades and all that is hidden from the view of our physical senses. Whilst Chiron is here in Pisces the potential for seeing and feeling our separation from source is maximised. Our wounds be it as individuals and as a whole are being played out in the forever increasing intensity within life. Chiron is at a trine with Mercury, Sun and black moon Lilith who are all basking in Scorpio. This trine can create a comfortable flow of expressing the darker, mystical, shadows into the arena of our intuition which can feel fragmented within Chirons wounds yet when this darker expression is released then our wounded sense of separation, can become less. We can shine light into these wounds by focusing upon Chiron’s deep need to heal himself, this is the mystery of Chiron the more we embrace and see the collective and individual unconscious wounds, the potential to heal and to be healed is increased.



Chiron in Pieces is mutable, changeable and nebulous in its attempt to wake us up by shaking the very core of our realities. The world stage is showing this in the increasing coming forth of the power and domination that has been and is being used, as a twisted replication of life force. At the same time Chiron is squaring Venus who is in Sagittarius, this brings into context a challenging expression of the female energy. With Venus in Sagittarius she embodies the essence of our higher minds, of our desire to travel both physically and within our inner worlds. To learn, grow and expand with Sagittarius who wants to fly his arrow surrounded by the grace and love of Venus. Yet with Chiron squaring Venus the potential is a difficulty in finding the expression that harmonizes with the healing of our seemingly separation from source, especially the separation from a healthy feminine energy. We see 2 prominent world leaders and maybe 3 by the time dawn appears who are women. Merkel, May and maybe Clinton. These women in many ways embody this alienation from the healed female energy. If we truly pay attention and observe the world stage it seems that the female energy is being shown its wounds, in a battle of wills to dominate others.


At the same time Venus is in trine with Uranus,Eris and Ceres this enables sudden revelations to reveal the wounds that Venus squaring Chiron are feeling. Ceres is the largest asteroid and is celebrated as the divine mother and nurturer. Being so close to the conjunct Uranus and Eris (see previous posting) this trine can bring  break throughs and illumination into healing the part of us and the world that requires Ceres abundant nurturing and growth. Sometimes when the illusions become so clear, the crumbling of self occurs, then the Great Work begins and with Saturn squaring Chiron this reality bangs at our doors.
Mars in Capricorn is squaring Uranus, Eris and Ceres calling out for us to have courage, these awakenings are not necessarily easy yet an essential part of the cleansing of ourselves and our planet.





M A Lewin
30 October 2016


The New Moon is at 7 degrees conjuncts the Sun at 7 degrees, with Mercury there at 9 degrees all dancing in Scorpio, high lighting the potential and release of hidden shadows being exposed through communicating that which has been suppressed and hidden. The energy of Scorpio is intense, it is driven from a desire of transformation, be it individually and/or globally. To fathom the complexities of relationship, Jupiter now in Libra, with mirrors all around so that a deeper understanding evolves. This intense threesome conjunction trines Neptune in the 12th house, signifying that the energy is able to move smoothly between the non physical realms into the receptive anchor of this understanding and transformation. On a global setting the taboo, hidden aspects have been coming more and more available for all to see. The US elections is a fine example of shadows being exposed. The next moon cycle is seeded with Scorpio energy. We are being triggered to truly look at what is being brought to the surface.

Astrology chart for new moon

With Venus and Saturn having just conjunct in Sagittarius, in the 9th house squaring Neptune it becomes clear that now is the time to look at Saturn’s reality within our own personal and global feelings of what we value, what we love. Saturn is maturity, he is one of the great teachers, the master of duality beckoning us to become real. To observe through our higher minds the interplay that happens all around us and to anchor ourselves in all that we hold true to our hearts.
The potential for transformation is raw and available if we have the courage to step out of the mainstream and see for ourselves what is the making of these times. That brings me to Mars, the planet of male energy, the courage to assert ourselves with right conviction. Having just conjunct Pluto (19th October) Mars is inviting us to again look at that which resides underneath, the darkness, the unconscious to ignite our Mars energy into this seemingly darkness, the courage to see beyond the illusions.
With this new moon, Mars now squares Uranus, the planet off awakening which is conjunct with Eris, the dwarf planet of chaos and discord. Uranus stands up for sudden breakthroughs, awakening, illumination of ourselves and within mass consciousness. The movement towards the light of understanding. Dancing with Eris who represents the chaos and disorder that exists within us as individuals and the world at large. She is the female energy of Mars, the ignition of chaos so clarity can come forth.

Eris hiding behind/conjuncted Uranus

Now we can see that certain Countries, Statesmen, Politicians are shining Uranus light onto the chaos and disorder. The tempo is increasing, it is truly ‘hotting up’ with so many players involved both seen and hidden, we stand on a precipice of great change.
It is not until we acknowledge and see the chaos can we truly reinvent new forms of being, relating to ourselves, each other and the world.
On a global and individual scale all of this is being played out, the shadows, the darkness, the chaos. Yet as the veil thins, on this Samhain, deeper truths and higher understanding can shine through.
As Plato wrote in the ‘Allegory of the Cave’, we are chained to a cave watching our shadows on a blank wall, from the reflection of a fire and we believe the shadows to be real. It is not until we have the courage to turn around and see the light, the fire, do we realize that we were just watching the shadows of reality.

Unkle Burn my shadow


Further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegory_of_the_Cave