13 March 2017
Russian Insider

Syrian President Bashar Assad just made his position on Israel crystal clear: Iran is fighting ISIS, while Israel is “directly” supporting terrorists.

Speaking to European journalists about the recent bomb attacks in Damascus, Assad dismissed criticisms of Iran, and instead blamed the west and Israel for “supporting directly the terrorists”.

He’s clearly tired of tiptoeing around the obvious:

If you want to talk about the European role [in Syria], or the western role, because it’s being led by the Americans, the only role is to support the terrorists. They didn’t support any political process. They only talk about political process.

The role of Iran is completely different. They support Syria fighting terrorists. They support Syria politically.

Israel from the other side [is] supporting directly the terrorists — whether logistically, or through direct raids on our army.

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Source: http://russia-insider.com/en/assad-dismisses-claims-russian-colonization-says-israel-real-enemy-syria/ri19200