20 Dec 2016
Article by Ryan Cristian


Amid the ongoing, never-ending, yet horribly failing “fake news” propaganda campaign being aggressively pushed in order to provide cover for other emerging stories, the corporate media has once again been exposed for pushing exactly the type of unresearched, poorly vetted, fraudulent news that they claim is being promulgated by the alternative media.

Ridiculously enough, this is far from a new occurrence, yet those still hanging on every word of these establishment stooges will, ridiculously enough, only be swayed by their assessment alone. It’s highly unlikely that they will ever report on their own mistakes, unintentional or mandated, as that would expose them as the true cultivators of that which they ambiguously name fake news. The endless and unjustified usage of this arbitrary moniker on anyone that points out that fact, is the new scare-tactic trigger word designed to scare anyone away from attempting to actually inform the American people.

From releasing footage without knowing it true origin(that was later revealed to fabricated) simply because it supports their agenda, to intentionally creating stories that help push the establishment narrative, the video below gives a clear picture of just how hypocritical this entire “fake news” witch-hunt is, as those pointing the finger are exposed as the worst culprits:

Source: http://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/propaganda/corporate-media-caught-spreading-falsified-information-push-agenda/