November 28, 2016
By Vanessa Beeley



As the Syrian Arab Army make huge advances into the NATO and Gulf State funded & armed mercenary-held areas of East Aleppo, the NATO-aligned media is amplifying the last remnants of tattered propaganda left available to them. Their repertoire has been severely reduced and will be even further decimated as Syrian people, civilians, trapped inside East Aleppo by the multiple gangs of armed militants led by Nusra Front (Al Qaeda), begin to make their way out into the safety of the Syrian government-held West Aleppo. 

As the East Aleppo civilians emerge from the darkness of their life under terrorist and militant occupation, so will the Aleppo black box emerge. The true narrative will be revealed and it will unequivocally challenge the corporate media lies. The real #Fakenews will be exposed.

Over the next few days & weeks as the stories break one by one, 21st Century Wire will try to bring you the accounts from on the ground in Aleppo and across Syria from people whose relatives will finally be liberated.

Tonight this short commentary is from Dr Nabil Antaki, a gastroenterologist, based in West Aleppo who has fiercely resisted the corporate media portrayal of events in his home city.

See 21st Century Wire’s article: Syria: Aleppo Doctor Demolishes Imperialist Propaganda and Media Warmongering


The Beginning of the End?

Without wanting to be too optimistic, the news from the Aleppo front-lines are good with a few reservations.

Two of the major suburbs of East Aleppo held by the rebel-terrorists for the last four years, Hanano and Sakhour, have been fully liberated by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) which is advancing rapidly street by street.

At least, 4000 of our fellow citizens from East Aleppo, held hostage by the terrorists, have been able to flee with the help of the SAA and have taken temporary refuge in Jibrine. Others have been able to escape via Sheikh Maqsoud (Northern entry point into West Aleppo). Here are two pieces of good news.

However there are two pieces of bad news and a concern: firstly, some of the fleeing East Aleppo civilians were killed by the terrorists and secondly, 12 civilians of West Aleppo were murdered today, by the rain of mortars still being launched by terrorists inside East Aleppo. We could say it was in reprisal for the SAA advances, but we have been subjected to these attacks daily for the last four years.

What do we fear? Perhaps that western governments and certain organisations will start campaigning for another ceasefire for “humanitarian reasons” (as they have done in the past). Or, that they will launch another media campaign in an attempt to halt the SAA campaign to liberate the people of East and West Aleppo from the clutches of the terrorist groups.

Today, two media outlets were already asking me about the “humanitarian catastrophe” in East Aleppo. We await the inevitable disinformation that they will publish.




Dr Nabil Antaki with one of his young patients, Mahmoud, in West Aleppo. (Photo: Dr Antaki’s Facebook page)


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